"Without Borders in Employment" (Project BG051PO001-7.0.07-0048-C0001) is managed by Association “Bulgarian-Romanian Trans-Border Mediation Institute” in partnership with Searchlighter Services Ltd, UK. The Bulgarian National Employment Agency is an Associate partner.

General information

Grant Contract № BG051PO001-7.0.07-0048-C0001

Human Resources Development Operational Program

Grant scheme BG051PO001-7.0.01, “Without Borders – Component 1”, Phase 2

Total amount of grant: 279 806,60 BGN

Project duration: 01.06.2013 – 31.08.2014 (15 months)

Goals and expected results

The overall goalof the project is to facilitate the process of active involvement in employment for those groups that are disadvantaged in the labor market. The project strives to achieve this goal through the establishment of partnerships between institutions and organizations from Bulgaria and the UK, through the study of relevant experience and through the validation of innovative practices. The project is funded by the European Social Fund of the EU (ESF) through Bulgaria's "Human Resources Development" Operational Program (OPHRD).

Specific goals 

1)      Building partnerships and developing tools, which create the necessary conditions for the sharing of experience, ideas, programs, and projects between institutions and organizations that are engaged with the issue of active involvement of groups that are disadvantaged in the labor market.

2)      Promoting greater sensitivity to and better understanding of to the problems of the unemployed within the public administration, with a focus on the problems of young people up to 29 years of age, through the provision of validated innovative services.

Expected results

The result of the project will be the establishment of a partnership that allows the application of the experience of EQUAL and the exchange of innovative practices, adapted and validated in accordance with Bulgarian conditions at the moment, in order to utilize most effectively ESF assistance in the field of employment.

Target group

The target group of the project consists of 12 persons employed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, as follows:

·         2 employees of the National Employment Agency – central administration,

·         9 Directors of the Regional Employment Agencies

·         1 Director of Ruse Employment Bureau

Specific activities

1)      Surveying of the UK experience in the field of active involvement in youth employment (up to 29 years of age)

2)      Sharing of the research results and  exchange of know-how through publications and organized events

3)      On-the-ground experience exchange

4)      Conducting a social experiment by testing the innovative practices borrowed from the British model and adapted to the Bulgarian environment.

5)      Information and publicity activities

6)      Project management