A final press-conference was held within project “Without borders in employment”

On 10th of October, in Ruse, was held a final press-conference for presenting the results of a joint Bulgarian-British project for the active involvement of young people, up to 29 years of age, in employment BG051PO001-7.0.07-0048-C0001 “Without borders in employment”. Beneficiary of the project is Association “Bulgarian-Romanian Trans-border Mediation Institute “, partner from Britain is Searchlighter Services Ltd., and associated partner is the Bulgarian Employment Agency. The project is implemented by the financial support of the Operational Program “Human Resources Development”, co-financed by the European Social Fund of the European Union under scheme “Without Borders- Component 1”, phase 2.

The project was presented by the Project Manager Ivaylo Ivanov and Baki Solak- Director of Directorate “Labour Office”- Ruse. All the journalists and guests were introduced with the achieved, until this moment, results.

The main objective of the project is to support the process of active involvement in employment of young people, up to 29 years of age, through establishment of partnerships between institutions and organizations from Bulgaria and UK, research of experience and validation of innovative practices.

Ivaylo Ivanov presented to the audience the experience of Britain, which has been studied by the target group and experts of the project within the two-week visits- in Bristol, Cardiff and London. Based on the British experience, that has been researched, is selected a good practice that has been approbated in “Labour Office”- Ruse as a social experiment, conducted from June to September 2014. The experiment applied borrowed, from the British experience, good practice for active involvement in employment of disadvantaged, in the labor market, groups with a focus on young people to 29 years of age, giving them the opportunity to work with a personal recruitment agent.

In the social experiment took part an experimental group, composed of 20 unemployed young people aged up to 29 years. In percentage terms they adequately reflected on the registered, in the “Labour Office”- Ruse, nearly 1,000 young people by age, gender, educational and occupational structure. The results, achieved with the experimental group, were compared with the results of another group of young people (control group, composed on the same principle) with whom is working according to the existing model in Bulgaria.

As a result of the new model, at the end of the experiment was reported that 11 youths from the experimental group were employed, compared to 5 in the control group, one young man is involved in training and there was increased motivation in young people for searching ajob.

The analysis of the rеsults and report made by one of the experts in the project- Prof. Dr. Maria Andreeva, show that the social experiment was carried out in accordance with the prescribed methodology, provided a supportive environment for its realization, has achieved its main objective, and the assessment of its performance is positive.

The evaluation of the expert was provided to the management of the Employment Agency at the end of the previous month to be assessed the possibility of applying the new model in accordance with the existing capabilities of the Employment agency structures in the country.