Open days within project “Without borders in employment”

 On16th of September, at 13.00h., in the building of Directorate "Labour Office"- Ruse was held “Open Days” which is part of the project "Without borders in employment". The project is implemented by Association "Bulgarian-Romanian Trans-border Mediation Institute" in partnership with Searchlighter Services Ltd. and Bulgarian Employment Agency as an associated partner. 

Within “Open Days”, experts from the “Labour Office”- Ruse presented, in front of journalists and concerned professionals, the results of the social experiment which is conducted to approbate the UK experience in the field of youth employment as part of the implementation of project "Without borders in employment".

In the social experiment are included 20 unemployed young people, more than half of which have already begun work. The experiment lasted until the end of September 2014. Sonia Kamenovska- Psychologist and Julia Sabeva- Chief Expert of sector "Mediation Services", both employees of “Labour Office”- Ruse, delivered the results of the experiment and answered politely to the questions, asked by the journalists. The participants in the event showed undisguised interest about those members of the experimental group who were able to find a job and about the contribution of the British model.