1. Beneficiary – Association “Bulgarian-Romanian Trans-Border Mediation Institute” (BRTMI)

2. Partner – Searchlighter Services Ltd

3. Associate partner – Bulgarian National Employment Agency



Beneficiary – Association “Bulgarian-Romanian Trans-Border Mediation Institute” (BRTMI)

BRTMI was established in 2009 as a public benefit non-profit organization. The association is registered in the Ministry of Justice Central Register of Non-profit Organizations under № 20090810002.


Objectives of the Association:

The association was established to bring together the people, communities and economies of Bulgaria and Romania, and to contribute through cross-border cooperation in civil matters to the sustainable socio-economic development of the border region. To those ends, the association aims to promote the resolution of social, inter-community, business, interpersonal and other conflicts by legal means and in a peaceful manner. It strives to develop and propose innovative methods of conflict resolution that are based on mediation and are in compliance with contemporary European and international practice. The association offers training in innovative ways for solving various conflicts based on mediation, and encourages cross-border exchange of information and mutual assistance in resolving problematic issues.  BRTMI endorses research and legislative change that contribute to more efficient conflict resolution and to the prevention of potential social, inter-community, business, interpersonal and other conflicts.


Scope of activities:

BRTMI operates in the public interest by:

•         Promoting the values ​​of civil society;

•         Bringing together the people, businesses and communities that contribute to the sustainable socio-economic development in the border region between Bulgaria, Romania through cross-border cooperation;

•         Providing a wide and easy access to mediation as an alternative method for dispute resolution, and promoting its implementation on a national and international level;

•         Encouraging exchange of information on the best practices for resolving conflicts of any kind;

•         Initiating and facilitating dialogue with local and national authorities;

•         Conducting research, studies and analyses on social inclusion of marginalized communities in Bulgaria and the mediator's role as a link between institutions and the target groups;

•         Preparing strategies and recommendations for social inclusion of disadvantaged groups;

•         Providing technical assistance to organizations interested in mediation and conflict resolution;

•         Providing training on motivation, civil rights education and training in key competencies;

•         Actively cooperating with other non-profit organizations and associations in Bulgaria and abroad;

•         Assisting local authorities by providing expertise and technical advice.


BRTMI is actively engaged in the preparation, implementation and management of projects in the following areas:

  • Social inclusion;

  • Equal access to justice through mediation;

  • Promoting the values ​​of civil society,

  • Corporate Social Responsibility, and others.


Major projects completed to date:

-          Socialization through educational integration(In progress) - Educational Integration of Children and Students from Ethnic Minorities grant scheme of the Human Resources Development Operational Program. The project aims to contribute to improving the conditions for equal access to education and training for children and students from ethnic minorities and their successful socialization. Project partners are "Vasil Levski" School, "P. R. Slaveykov" Primary school (s. Smirnenski), and the kindergartens "Ralitza" and "Little Red Riding Hood."

-          FromRoma(2012-2013) – Without Borders grant scheme of the Human Resources Development Operational Program. In partnership with the Municipality of Ruse and Association "Ketanes-2006", Giurgiu, Romania, BRTIM explored the Romanian experience in Roma integration on a local level. The project outcomes were the effective borrowing and implementation of good integration practices and the upgrading of the administrative capacity of the Municipality of Ruse staff in their work with representatives of the Roma community.

-          Equal Access to Justice - an initiative to strengthen the judicial system through mediation(2011-2012). The project aimed to identify marginalized groups in the Central Northern Region and to examine their barriers to access to justice through surveys, interviews, and an information campaign.

-          Unity in Diversity(2010-2011). The aim of the project was to identify vulnerable persons within the marginalized communities in Ruse District. An information campaign was carried out in order to increase the awareness of those vulnerable individuals for their capacity to be competitive at the labor market. Through the project career days with employers from Ruse District were organized.

-          Romale program(2009-2010). This is a career-oriented program aimed at developing analytical systems and products for the integration of the Roma community. The main objective of the program was to facilitate dialogue between NGOs, state and municipal authorities, and the Roma community. The main priority of the program was to address negative stereotypes and attitudes towards Roma.

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Partner – Searchlighter Services Ltd

Searchlighter is an independent company working in project implementation – facilitating planning, process, monitoring & evaluation, and knowledge transfer.

Director: Robin Beecroft

Address: 17 Nicholas Road, Bristol BS5 0LX, UK

Tel.: +44 (0)117 902 4506

Email: rbeecroft@searchlighter.org


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Associate partner – Bulgarian National Employment Agency

The NEA is an executive agency to the Minister of Labour and Social Policy for the implementation of the government policy on employment promotion. 

Address: 3, Dondoukov Blvd, Sofia 1000

Tel: (02) 980 87 19

Email: az@az.government.bg


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